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Feb 19, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; OrderUp, a food delivery startup, co-founders Chris Jeffery and Jason Kwicien pose for portraits at their office space in the Can Company building in Baltimore, MD.

Now that this photo has finally hit the newsstands – Baltimore April 2014 – I can share this fun shoot I did with Baltimore tech startup OrderUp at their company headquarters. For those of you who haven’t heard of OrderUp, they are a food ordering and delivery service focusing on small markets, usually college towns and are already profitable. They’ve also made waves by hiring former Domino’s CTO who built the Pizza Tracker App.

With the recent expansion of the service to non-college towns like Towson, MD and Raleigh, NC, I got a call from Baltimore magazine to do a portrait featuring the two co-founders. If you can put a logo on a product, OrderUp has and most likely it will be on the swag wall. Both Chris and Jason were super laid back and up to try a few different things. We ran through a few different setups, but this was my favorite from the shoot, it was also one the magazine selected. Doesn’t always happen, but cool when it does.

You can see and license this photo and others from my archive.


I wanted to share a recent magazine cover shoot that finally hit the digital news stands. The international trade magazine Global Trading contacted me to shoot their cover featuring local trader John Radle from Campbell & Company on his company’s trading floor in Baltimore. John’s job and company create complex algorithms to trade in the commodities market based in Chicago. The assignment was to photograph him in and around the trading floor. I didn’t want to take up much of his time so I got there early to scout with my assistant. We setup the required shot first and then went off exploring, when I found this whiteboard with algorithms. We were able to run through a couple of different looks on the trading floor. John was laid-back and super personable during the whole shoot. Right before we finished up I brought him over to the whiteboard and was able to make some quick frames of him with the glass “whiteboard.” It wasn’t actually frosted, I positioned it in front of a frosted office window with daylight pouring through it. You can find another favorite frame of mine below, along with the cover.


Cover shot
July 25, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; David Guerra, a veteran of the US Navy and owner of Puente Technology, LLC, works on a project at the Port of Baltimore, Dundalk Terminal.

My first assignment at the Port of Baltimore went well, so I got a call back from the art director for their sister publication Vetreprenuer. This assignment had one major difference, no water shots. Guerra’s company, Puente Technology, LLC, is one of the first veteran-owned and minority-owned business to win a major contract at the Port. We had three different setups to work through, plus shooting inside art for the article, all in about an hour due to a visit from the Governor’s Office.

It was another fun morning at the port working with an awesome subject. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Been very busy here with the business/house/wedding all picking up steam. Worked on this project on-and-off with the Senior Creative Associate and Editor at the Davidson Journal. They found my project of Bill Ferguson through JD. The story focused on Bill and JD’s relationship and connection to Davidson; Bill is an alumni and JD is a current student. Great article and design, featuring my photos from the project beautifully. I love when photos run big.

Photo by Tina LeMay

Last time I went home to South Carolina I got some free time and was able to meet up with one of my mentors at Clemson. I worked for Tina LeMay as a photographer in Student Affairs Publications for most of my college career. She always supported my work and ideas, but more importantly she allowed me to grow as a person and photographer. The last two years I worked with her and other designers to implement Clemson’s new brand, Determined Spirit, through photography. The photos have been used in posters, brochures, and websites, but this is by far the coolest use yet.

I had no idea it was happening either until I walked into the office that day and saw my photo blown up to 6 feet tall! She said they would be hung in the atrium of the rec center within a few weeks and send photos when they were up. Thanks to Ben White who worked as the student designer. I was very fortunate to work with Tina and everybody else in SA Publications over those 4 years.

Can’t wait to see them in person!