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This spring I got a chance to go back-to-school by working with Maryvale Preparatory School, an independent 6-12 Catholic girls school here in Baltimore. We documented the beautiful and modern campus over two fast-paced days of admissions marketing photography concentrating on student collaboration, 8-1 student-to-faculty ratio, advanced technology resources (3D printers and robotics!), STEM curriculum, art studios, athletic facilities and the energetic campus.

Here are a few of my favorites from the project, to see the whole project, check it out here –








Messiah College The Bridge Cover

Excited to have a chance to share one of my first assignments of the 2016 now that it has gone to press. I had another opportunity to work with Messiah College and their quarterly BRIDGE magazine photographing senior Katie Kaslow as she travels across the East Coast to perform her research. We were fortunate to catch her on tour before working at the National Archives in Washington, DC on what was the coldest day of 2016 so far this year with the temps at about 12 degrees when we started and a small wind of 20mph. Katy and my assistant Eric were troopers and we were able to knock out a few looks before the Archives opened up for the day.

It’s always exciting to have a cover, especially when you get bumped up due to the art. Thanks goes out to Katie, Eric and the Messiah College team who always gives me interesting assignments.

Me speaking at UCDA Design Conference 2015. Photo Courtesy of Amy Drill (@drillsees) who also gave an awesome intro.
Me speaking at UCDA Design Conference 2015. Photo Courtesy of Amy Drill (@drillsees) who also gave an awesome intro.

This will not be a typical blog post, no photos just words, slides and resources. I have lots of new work to share over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for photos then.

For those of you who know me, I’m a fairly quiet person in public. I’m social, but won’t be that one meeting everyone in a large group setting, rather just connecting with a small group. I also for a long-time hated public speaking or talking about myself for long periods of time. As a freelance creative, I do both everyday. I present my work to other creatives, talk to subjects, and meet new people.

I was excited, nervous, anxious, stoked to get an opportunity to talk about my FEARLESS Campaign to a group of highly talented and creative members of the University and College Designers Association at their conference in Orlando. I’m very proud of the project and more importantly its results for Notre Dame of Maryland Athletics, so it was great to share with a community that was hungry for knowledge and faces similar problems. Also, freelancing can be a very solo affair, so it was invigorating to go to a conference by myself, meet new people, learn about the education industry and be inspired by what others are doing in the field.

Hit the slides below to see a bit about my background, work, processes, conception of the campaign, creative process, execution and most importantly the campaign’s impact. The campaign has had both measured and anecdotal impact on the students, coaches, department and university as a whole:

  • Increased level of pride for both the athletes and athletic department
  • Help AD become cohesive with larger university brand
  • Brought a D1 experience down to D3 level
  • 5% overall winning percentage increase across all sports – better marketing materials help coaches recruit better athletes
  • 6% increase in student involvement in athletics – 82 athletes participating across 8 sports
  • Improved visibility of athletics and athletes on campus
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA over the last 5 years
  • Increased funding for the athletics department


Jun 18, 2015; Washington, DC, USA; General Electric (GE) employee poses for portraits in their office space for Messiah College Alumni print materials. 

Part two of alumni portraits for Messiah College. This time a GE lobbyist was the subject and we were steps away from the Whitehouse and the Capital. It was a typical steamy DC summer day, so we opted to work the inside location first, before hitting our outside shot, especially since he had just come from a meeting on the Hill. The client was looking for a “big company” feel and a DC scene from the building’s roof. Even on a hot, muggy day in DC, I had a blast and learned a lot about his work as a lobbyist. Here are a few of my favorites.



May 22, 2015; Alexandria, VA, USA; Emily Gage of a Washington, DC international justice non-profit poses for portraits in their office space for Messiah College Alumni print materials.

A few months back I had an opportunity to work with Messiah College on a two-part project photographing local alumni in their office spaces for their publications. Emily’s non-profit has a great, modern office space in Alexandria, VA so it gave us a chance to hit a few different setups for the assignment. I had a fun time learning about their mission fighting for human rights, especially women’s rights in third-world countries. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.