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Feb 9, 2015; Linthicum, MD, USA; Jeffrey Rodgers of National Car Rental works and interacts with customers returning cars to Baltimore-Washington International Airport Car Rental Facility in Linthicum, MD.

A few weeks back, I found myself hanging out at the BWI Car Rental Facility with National Car Rental’s lead return agent Jeffrey Rodgers. I was contacted by the great folks at Enterprise Holdings to shoot a “day-in-the-life” feature of Jeffrey Rodgers to be used in employee recruitment materials. I’ve been a customer of Enterprise Holdings brands for years – Enterprise, National and Alamo – so I was excited when I received a call to work with them on this project. Jeffrey’s job is to greet you, check-out the vehicle and put a smile on your face. He’s like a bartender- makes your day a bit better and knows his regulars.

Jeffrey was being featured because back in December a customer was running extremely late returning a car and was trying to make his flight. At BWI, after returning the car you have to take a shuttle to the terminal, after talking with the customer he realized he wasn’t going to make his flight if he had to take the shuttle. Jeffrey reacted in a way I couldn’t imagine – he hopped in the car and took the customer to the airport, the customer made the flight and got home to see his family for the holidays. In my few short hours with Jeffrey, I found this is par for the course. He’s genuinely a nice, humble person, willing to do anything to help or make your day better. He always has a smile and laugh for everyone.

The BWI Rental Car Facility is dark, loud and chaotic as it services every major rental car company. The assignment was to capture Jeffrey interacting with customers and performing duties. It was a frigid, foggy morning here in Baltimore; completely the opposite of his personality. With the car return lanes being 6 cars wide, I couldn’t just setup a soft-box in the middle of the area. I had to work to light the space in a way that was natural, but still had a polished and real feel to it. The one above is my favorite, a few others including the client select is below.



lululemon athletica ambassador Esther Collinetti on a run in the industrial district of Fells Point in Baltimore, MD.

Winter has finally arrived in Baltimore! It’s deceptively mild looking in this photo, but it’s really about 25 degrees and lululemon abassador/owner of Rev Studios Esther Collinetti is braving the elements for a run in new gear. I came across this urban/industrial ally in Fells Point on the way home from the gym. We waited until the afternoon when I knew the sun would be shining right down the way to create the shadow I wanted. A few more from our recent social media shoot for the lululemon athletica Harbor East store in Baltimore, MD.


Jan 21, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Shelbye Schlange a fitness model from Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited CrossFits by flipping tires and holding atlas stones outside in the snow near CrossFit Harbor East and in industrial backdrops around south east Baltimore neighborhoods of Fells Point and Canton.

While Baltimore hasn’t been hammered with as much snow as the rest of the northeast, thankfully, we’ve already gotten our fair share. I was scheduled to work with another Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited model, Shelbye, on a day where we got half a foot of snow via huge, beautiful snow flakes in the city. Since moving to Baltimore 5 years ago, Maryland drivers have proven to be the worst at handling adverse road conditions. While I try not to change around productions and schedules if I don’t have to, I try to be as flexible with my clients as possible so the shoot can be successful. When I gave Shelbye the option to reschedule she responded with, “Can we still do the outdoor locations in the snow?”. I knew then she’d game for just about anything.

Shelbye is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer so we were going to be doing functional fitness movements in the snow. I bagged up one of my Elinchrom Rangers so I could have a bit of pop to bring out the snow and her muscle definition. We shot outside of CrossFit Harbor East flipping tires, picking up atlas stones, sledge hammering tires. To keep Shelbye warm, we had her winter jacket close by for in between shots, but make no mistake she was out there working in a longsleeve and sometimes just a sports bra; girl was tough.

While I despise all snow, I do appreciate working in the snow and other elements to create unique photos. Here are a few of my favorites. You can check out more of my sports lifestyle work here.





Jan 19, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Erik Stanton a fitness model from Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited performs lacrosse and fitness movements including shooting, passing, juking, speed ladder, stadium stairs, medicine ball throws and tire hitting at Ridley Athletic Complex in Baltimore, MD.

Recent photos from a shoot working with another Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited model Erik. He plays semi-pro lacrosse on a team based in Washington, DC. I wanted to have a real stadium be the backdrop, so I called my friends at Loyola University to see if I could use Ridley Athletic Complex for a shoot. After some back and forth over logistics, I was able to secure the entire stadium for our shoot for almost 4 hours. I’ve rented out stadiums in the past, but I really can’t thank the crew I work with at Loyola enough for allowing me to use the complex for an entire afternoon. I worked with Polina, from the previous two posts, that morning and the weather was even better for my shoot with Erik in the afternoon. We started with lacrosse and then moved on to cross training – tire slamming, speed ladder work, sled pushes, bleacher runs, and medicine ball work on the field and in the tunnel.

Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon.





Jan 19, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Polina Kopiy a fitness model from Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited runs, stretches, and lifts weight in industrial backdrops around south east Baltimore neighborhoods of Fells Point and Canton.

Here’s the second half of my shoot with Polina. After the stretching and running we moved on to outdoor weights and CrossFit style movements. The sun decided to come out for a bit making it feel warmer and brighter. I found this urban concrete park that features handball and tennis courts in East Baltimore that I thought would be a great backdrop for this part of the shoot. Simple, cool, strong, and urban, matched with Polina’s style.






Jan 19, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Polina Kopiy a fitness model from Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited runs, stretches, and lifts weight in industrial backdrops around south east Baltimore neighborhoods of Fells Point and Canton.

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to work with talent from Sports+Lifestyle Unlimited Agency out of Portland. It’s a great agency focusing on models and talent with sport specific skill sets. I’ll be sharing work with three different local models over the next few days, first up is my shoot with Polina. The urban landscape that Baltimore provides a diverse urban landscape. This location was in East Baltimore a public football field nestled amongst row homes and blight. We’ve gotten our fair share of snow in Baltimore and while the temperatures warmed up, we started the shoot on a cold winter morning.

To me running in the cold, is pure dedication. The cold air in your lungs, seeing your breath; there are only serious runners are out. You don’t see as many people braving the elements and the ones I see have this look of quiet preparation and intensity on their face. That’s what I was going for here, warming up and preparing for that daily run in the elements. More from this shoot tomorrow.




I wanted to share a recent magazine cover shoot that finally hit the digital news stands. The international trade magazine Global Trading contacted me to shoot their cover featuring local trader John Radle from Campbell & Company on his company’s trading floor in Baltimore. John’s job and company create complex algorithms to trade in the commodities market based in Chicago. The assignment was to photograph him in and around the trading floor. I didn’t want to take up much of his time so I got there early to scout with my assistant. We setup the required shot first and then went off exploring, when I found this whiteboard with algorithms. We were able to run through a couple of different looks on the trading floor. John was laid-back and super personable during the whole shoot. Right before we finished up I brought him over to the whiteboard and was able to make some quick frames of him with the glass “whiteboard.” It wasn’t actually frosted, I positioned it in front of a frosted office window with daylight pouring through it. You can find another favorite frame of mine below, along with the cover.


Cover shot
Nov 12, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; CrossFitter and fitness model Brittany Walter runs the Jones Falls Trail at Robert E Lee Park in Baltimore, MD.

Back in November I had a chance to work with fellow CrossFitter Brittany Walter. I usually stick to urban environments, but I really wanted to capture some of the fall foliage before it disappeared. We headed up to a local park with a semi-popular running trail and a bridge. I knew about the location because it’s where we normally take Annie to swim in the river. Here’s a few of my favorites from the afternoon.



Jan 7, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; lululemon ambassador Jason Williams zips up his jacket during the first snow in Baltimore.

My first shoot of the year was with lululemon Harbor East on a day where it snowed a modest 4 inches here in Baltimore. We broke out the warm gear and hit the spots around Harbor East, before heading inside to a local gym for a quick train session. The light outside was gorgeous, very soft and warm. As much as I hate the snow, it was nice to have a bit of variety to these shots. A few of my favorites from the day.





2014-12-01; Baltimore, MD, USA; Nila Mechali a lululemon ambassador performs yoga on the water front promenade wearing new apparel in at the lululemon harbor east store.

I’m excited to share more from my social media work with lululemon Harbor East store. This time we worked with three local lululemon ambassadors on an unseasonably warm day in Baltimore. We started with some waterfront yoga with instructor Nila Mechali, before a bit of urban running with Esther Collinetti and Jason Williams.