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This post is a long time coming, especially as Free Baltimore Yoga turns 1 year old and morphs into Free City Yoga and expands to DC, Fort Collins, Pittsburgh and the Twin Cities. Free City Yoga is awesome, free studio-quality yoga in non-studio places. You can usually catch Em and I Tuesday nights at the Patterson Park Community Center if I’m in town. Yoga is something that I’ve mostly enjoyed learning and practicing as it helps me become more flexible, heal my hip and de-stress. While not affiliated with Free City Yoga, you might’ve recently seen a local Baltimore elementary school replacing detention with meditation and yoga.

Since LA doesn’t teach in a studio anymore, we took to the streets and sights of Baltimore at 3 different locations to do a “class” and some individual poses. It’s so exciting to see a radical idea take hold, improve the community and expand across the country, congrats to LA and her team on the hard work and expansion of Free City Yoga.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the shoot. It’s been great working with lululemon over the last year, much more to come over the next few weeks on the blog.




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