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The Making of Invictus 344 from Brian Schneider on Vimeo by Lost Note Productions.

First I would be remiss to not thank those who made this project a reality. They put time and resources so we can tell this story in the best way possible:

With a project this large, it’s never done alone. It’s a team effort to pull off a project of this size and complexity. We shot Feb 18 & 19 at 11 different locations, spending 32 hours on-set, most of it in the freezing cold. In fact, I’ve truly never been as cold as I was during Invictus. I wore sweats to bed and took hot showers, to finally return my body temperature to a normal level by the next week. I actually made a weather call for a shoot with a client, “It won’t be Invictus cold.” so we shot it.

I hope you enjoy the video about how it came together, it’s a long one (11 min) so grab some coffee/lunch/beer and enjoy. See Friday’s post for Why we did this.

I hope this has inspired you to share and show the world what Baltimore is all about.

Here’s some of Andrew’s awesome work:

  1. So good. Keep shining a light…

    • Thanks John!

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