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Messiah College The Bridge Cover

Excited to have a chance to share one of my first assignments of the 2016 now that it has gone to press. I had another opportunity to work with Messiah College and their quarterly BRIDGE magazine photographing senior Katie Kaslow as she travels across the East Coast to perform her research. We were fortunate to catch her on tour before working at the National Archives in Washington, DC on what was the coldest day of 2016 so far this year with the temps at about 12 degrees when we started and a small wind of 20mph. Katy and my assistant Eric were troopers and we were able to knock out a few looks before the Archives opened up for the day.

It’s always exciting to have a cover, especially when you get bumped up due to the art. Thanks goes out to Katie, Eric and the Messiah College team who always gives me interesting assignments.

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