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I’m excited to finally share this project, now that the report has hit the printing press and shipped. Back in April, I had an awesome opportunity to work with Planit, a great Baltimore agency, to shoot a campaign for a local financial investment firm in Baltimore. The firm has been thriving for awhile, but wanted to showcase its institutional caliber resources, knowledge and people that help their clients thrive. The job was production heavy, with a tight shoot schedule and turn around time for the final images. We spent a long, but fun day shooting key executives and team members in their office environment and “in studio”, along with details and environments. The goal of any portrait is to find the person’s personality and find a real moment. To meet the production schedule, we setup a full fashion-inspired studio upstairs, and then used a mobile setup so we could hit all the locations, while not interrupting their workflow too much for the day.

Can’t thank the assistants, stylist, retoucher and client enough for all their hard work and energy throughout the day to make this a success. Here are a few of my favorites.






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