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Feb 19, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; OrderUp, a food delivery startup, co-founders Chris Jeffery and Jason Kwicien pose for portraits at their office space in the Can Company building in Baltimore, MD.

Now that this photo has finally hit the newsstands – Baltimore April 2014 – I can share this fun shoot I did with Baltimore tech startup OrderUp at their company headquarters. For those of you who haven’t heard of OrderUp, they are a food ordering and delivery service focusing on small markets, usually college towns and are already profitable. They’ve also made waves by hiring former Domino’s CTO who built the Pizza Tracker App.

With the recent expansion of the service to non-college towns like Towson, MD and Raleigh, NC, I got a call from Baltimore magazine to do a portrait featuring the two co-founders. If you can put a logo on a product, OrderUp has and most likely it will be on the swag wall. Both Chris and Jason were super laid back and up to try a few different things. We ran through a few different setups, but this was my favorite from the shoot, it was also one the magazine selected. Doesn’t always happen, but cool when it does.

You can see and license this photo and others from my archive.

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